Report It Now


Report It Now is an independent organization which equips businesses with the tools and capabilities to foster an open and honest work environment.

Formed in 2007 in response to evidence that unethical workplace conduct and wrongdoing is on the rise, Report It Now™ ensures the highest level of information security for its clients.

Our Enterprise Case Management System, the first whistleblowing system of its kind in New Zealand, is a trusted, safe and secure method for staff to report fraudulent and dishonest behavior. Employees can phone, text, enter online or post a submission to report wrongdoing anonymously and confidentially.

Report It Now™ is proud to be a New Zealand owned Limited Liability Company. Our service is international and has an interpretation service available.

We provide services for a wide range of clients – publicly listed organisations, large privately owned organisations, cooperatives, central government agencies, local government bodies, SME’s.